Portuguese – Basics

Learn here the very basics of the Portuguese language. These vocabulary lists are essential.

Phrases in Portuguese

Learn phrases in Portuguese. These are the phrases you will hear and use the most when speaking Portuguese.

1500 Nouns in Portuguese | Substantivos

Here you will learn all the main nouns in Portuguese. This is a list of +1500 Portuguese nouns, enough to reach an intermediate level of Portuguese

Adjectives in Portuguese

Learn more than 300 adjectives in Portuguese. Click on the letters below to navigate.



Vocabulary in Portuguese

We will add new Portuguese vocabulary every week. This is an addition to our section “1500 Nouns in Portuguese”, with more specific Portuguese words, grouped by category.

Quizzes | Learn Portuguese with exercises

We will add new exercises every week. This is the best way of learning a new language, such as Portuguese. Train your brain!


Portuguese Language Schools around the world

You will find here a list of all places to learn Portuguese: in Brazil, in Portugal and around the world.